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You Get Me – The CX Academy Framework

Continuing our series of personal experiences with our emotional framework, our Chairman Michael Killeen shares his story of working with GE in the USA.

“I started my career at GE Medical and was involved in the launch of their first MRI scanner. I was one of the early ‘guinea pigs’ scanned to help sharpen imagery quality and patent experiences. I remember deep discussions about the potential empathy issues around parents having to release kids to radiologists and not allowed in to the room to hold their child’s hand during the procedure causing severe anxiety.

I was delighted to see GE had created a MRI experience for paediatric hospitals which finally recognised what is was like to stand in your patients shoes. They created solutions to help remove the deepest of fears facing parents and children alike. They reengineered a terrific experience from a terrifying one by designing scanners resembling space shuttles, pirate ships and magical castles. When kids saw them they were blown away and had to be dragged out of the MRI Suite as they were having so much fun. Cancellations dropped dramatically and I’m told that it has become one of the favourite areas in the hospital for kids to hang. Take a bow GE Healthcare for standing in your patients slippers!”


You Deliver on Your Promise

We asked the ‘Boss Man’ Michael Killeen to give us a personal story about one of our emotional drivers.  He chose You Deliver on Your Promise.  This is his story…..

Delivering on your company promise is one of the most challenging drivers to deliver on today because consumers expectations are on a meteoric rise the world over. From our own experiences, you can count on your fingers the number of global companies who genuinely manage, meet and exceed their customers expectations on a consistent basis.

The one brand that stands head and shoulders above all others is Patagonia. Patagonia’s customer promise is beautifully simple ‘’To build superior products without causing harm to the planet’’. And they go the extra mile and implement solutions to help customers do something meaningful about our global environmental crisis.

My son Mikey lives in Bend, Oregon, one of the most environmentally friendly destinations in the USA. Mikey is a forest fire fighter emersed in helping protect our environment. He called me recently to tell me about Patagonia’s ‘WORN WEAR’ programme where they invited him to visit their WORN WEAR travelling repair van. He was invited to bring his damaged and old clothing to have them fixed rather than go out and buy new ones. This was all about helping to save the planet and avoid filling up landfills. What other company do we know of who advise their customers buy less products and to wear their gear longer? This company delivers on their customer promise – turbo style!

The Power of You Know Me – 2!

This is brilliant – what company could convince Raissa that they ‘know’ her dog? Phoenix Bark could and this is Raissa’s story!

“I was browsing online for dog food for my dog. I wanted something that would provide regular deliveries and I would not need to keep reordering every month nor would I need to go to the store every single time that I was out of food.

I came across a couple of companies that do this service. All the companies would charge delivery and charge for a portion of the food (to try out). I ended up registering myself with some companies but I didn’t want to pay for a food sample and neither for delivery as I didn’t know if my dog would like the food.

Only one company contacted me back, asked if they could add me on their whatsapp, asked me for some details, such as my dog’s name, weight, favourite flavours, etc.

Screenshot 2021 05 31 at 08.57.40


After a week I got a delivery from this same company for free, the food came wrapped individually with my name, my dog’s name and descriptions. It was a lovely surprise. The attendant then texted me after a couple days to see how I was doing and asked if my dog liked the food. She was extremely nice.

I absolutely loved the service and the gesture. It was something very personalised and made me feel unique. I now subscribed for regular deliveries with them.”

A great story of the power of personalisation – the company is called Phoenix Bark (hilarious as we have a famous park here in the centre of Dublin called Phoenix Park!) and their website address is here.


Screenshot 2021 05 27 at 14.55.17

The Power of ‘You Know Me’

At a meeting recently we thought it would be a great idea to ask colleagues to tell us a story from a recent experience and in their own words that really reflects one of the emotional drivers in our CX Academy Framework.  Laura chose ‘You Know Me’ and this is her story.

“The hardest part of the pandemic for me is missing out on celebrating life’s milestones with loved ones. Although we currently don’t get to relish the moments in person, I want to ensure that I mark the occasion with a token, whatever that may be.

Having exhausted sending flowers and meal kits, I really wanted to do something special for my friend’s 30th.

Screenshot 2021 05 27 at 14.47.39


Chupi, a luxury Irish jewellery brand seemed like a fantastic alternative. I booked a virtual appointment with one of the staff who was able to assist me in every part of the decision-making journey. They asked for photos of my friend, analysed her hair, eye colour and interests. They really took the time to get to know her so they could advise on the jewellery that would best suit her personality and style.

I decided to go with a ring that had her birthstone, but I wasn’t sure of her ring size, they sent her out a free ring sizer free of charge so that it would be the perfect fit.

Chupi took the time to listen and really get to know my friend so that they could make compelling recommendations that will keep me and everyone I recommended to them coming back. This is a great example how personalisation can gain a customer for life!”

The ‘You Know Me’ emotional driver is all about treating me as an individual and understanding my needs. It is the most impactful of all the emotional drivers.

A Testimonial To Be Proud Of!

This testimonial is from Jeanne Ogilvie, one of our Professional Diploma Graduates.

This is by far the best course I’ve taken since my uni days. What stood out for me:

The depth and the quality: the course directors have really done a wonderful job at encompassing all the different elements of Customer Experience in a clear, thorough and rigorous manner. It has reinforced my passion and knowledge in this field, and has given me new tools and methods to approach Customer Experience. Be it in its planning, strategy and implementation.

Hands on, practical application: this course isn’t just about learning, it’s about gaining knowledge and using it, then and there. The assignments at the end of each module, really made me think long and hard about the common challenges and opportunities in the CX field. Applying the theory to real case scenarios was invaluable. This was my favourite part.

The format: the short videos made it so much easier for me to retain all the information. There is A LOT to take in, but the bite size videos makes it all manageable. The summary notes were also a great help.

The service: the customer service was absolutely brilliant – any question was answered within 24 hours (and I live in Sydney!). I could really feel that there was time and effort put into each and every answer I received. Although it was all done online, I could feel the warmth and genuine care from the whole support Team as well as the course Directors.

All in all, this CX Diploma gave me new tools, new perspectives and most of all the knowledge, insight and confidence I needed to pursue my CX career.

It didn’t feel like a course as much as an exhilarating, intelligent and inspiring experience. I’m actually really sad it’s over!

Jeanne Ogilvie, CX Consultant, Sydney, Australia

CX Dashboards

As we often learn on our CX courses, metrics, measurement and communicating results are key to achieving CX Excellence and leadership buy-in. If you’re thinking of implementing a CX dashboard to help you highlight key findings and insights – here are some to consider. Before you start you must understand clearly what you want to achieve by implementing a CX dashboard. Also, are you a B2B or B2C company – as this will effect your ultimate decision.

There are many CX dashboards that allow you to undertake and analyse Voice of the Customer surveys but you should be looking for deeper knowledge and more advanced tools that allow for dynamic data, integration, interpretation and sentiment analysis.

Remember that while data is important there are many, many influences on your results. There is no ‘magic pill’ that gives you crystal clear vision of your CX and all data must be interpreted correctly incorporating all current influences.

Your dashboard must:

  • Give snapshots and dynamic customer sentiment
  • Consolidate and integrate customer data from various different sources
  • Let you see and monitor trends over time
  • Give you the communications tools to raise CX awareness across your organisation
  • Be visually appealing

The following platforms are in no particular order but all are worthy of consideration. Getting a demo from each supplier below will get you a stage further in your understanding of dashboards and which one may be suitable for your organisation. we’d also love to hear you opinions and experiences.

The pioneers of online customer feedback, Survey Monkey, have a CX product called GetFeedback

The Athena dashboard from Medallia

Qualtrics have many CX and EX products including their XM Series that you can view here

You may not have heard of CX Index but they are definitely worthy of your consideration. Check out their platforms and integration possibilities.

Aimed at Frontline teams and managers Ask Nicely pops up again and again. Check them out here.

Cloud Cherry was bought by Cisco several years ago and is worth a look.

New Graduate Designations

We’re absolutely delighted that today (April 1st, 2021) we are announcing a letter designation format for all Graduates of The CX Academy.



CXAC (Cert) confers a designation as a Certified CX Professional at Certificate level and CXAD (Dip) confers a designation as a Certified CX Professional at Diploma level.

This is a really exciting development and gives all Graduates the opportunity to add a well deserved designation after their name that recognises their CX achievements globally.

It will help Graduates, their career and the organisation they work for and give them added recognition both inside the CX and ‘customer’ community and wider afield.

We have planned this carefully and from today we are so happy to say that Graduates can now use these designations in their LinkedIn profile and on email signatures.

To explain, I will use myself as the example when writing in simple text:

To recognise that I have graduated from the Professional Certificate in CX, my designation is:
Julian Douglas CXAC (Cert)

To recognise that I have graduated from the Professional Diploma in CX, my designation is:
Julian Douglas CXAD (Dip)

For this to benefit everyone we need our Graduates to be proud of their achievements and to use these designations as widely as possible.

If you are a Graduate of The CX Academy, please feel free to download the individual logos in this post to add to your email signature, website and all other places.

Please contact us (support@thecxacademy.org) if you have any questions about this and we’d be really pleased to hear any comments you may have.

CX Technology Dictionary – Augmented Reality, APIs & Apps


Augmented Reality or AR is the use of technology to combine real word images, video, etc. with computer-generated information and imagery. AR is becoming more popular in recent years. While it is commonly used in gaming and more recently training and education, it is becoming increasing popular in all industries. Companies can use AR to create an immersive and interactive customer experience.


An API or an Application Programming Interface is a way of communicating with a particular computer program or internet service. It is essentially a set of rules that defines how a software program can request and receive information from other software, usually a website.  A good example of how APIs are used in our phones every day would be weather apps. Many apps and websites publish weather in your area but there are only a few actual weather information providers. So, the publisher will use an API to ‘pull’ the raw weather data from a third-party and then display that data on their own website or app.


Application, also called apps are types of software designed to provide a particular function or purpose for a user or customer. People think apps are just programmes that work on phones and tablets but they’re also very common on your desktop or laptop. Apps include everything from web browsers, to word processors, to photo and image editing tools, to chat programs like Skype and Google Hangouts.