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A short chat with a graduate of The CX Academy.

I’m having a chat with Federica Roux, who is a real-life customer ‘champion’.  Federica is Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer in Odity, headquartered in Paris. Odity is the leading company for customer relationship management for premium and luxury brands, with 1,500 employees and offices in 10 cities around the world.

She’s a graduate of the Professional Certificate in Customer Experience (CX) course and she has kindly shared her recent career story with us.

“I was leading the digital transformation project for the Watches & Jewelry Branch at Galeries Lafayette, and I suddenly realized what we were doing was more fundamental. Really, we were trying to transform the experience we wanted to deliver to our clients on a deeper and broader level.  It was Customer Experience. I needed to educate myself and understand Customer Experience concepts and how to practically implement a strategy.”

Federica then looked for learning programs specialized in CX. “Honestly, I had never really done an online course and I was a bit skeptical.  I looked around and then found The CX Academy on LinkedIn.  I chose the CX Certification course and I loved it right from the beginning.  Being online was great, it was super easy to follow and engaging. Thanks to the CX Academy I had my “AHA” moment : CX IS FOR ME!”

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She left Galeries Lafayette and joined a CX consulting company. 

“I took all that I learned from The CX Academy and worked on using the tools and strategies with clients for over a year. Then a massive opportunity came along with Odity and I grabbed it with both hands.”

Odity provides customer care for clients of premium and luxury brands.

We asked Federica how she approached her new role and how she started to convince her CEO that CX was so important.

“At Odity, there’s a strong focus on service and quality. We monitor our business following traditional customer service metrics such as First Time Resolution, Ticket solved per day etc. We do well of course, but we feel it is not enough.

We need to work from another perspective; we need our client advisors to really  engage with clients, not just serve them. We will empower our client advisors to deliver an experience.

To operate this shift in focus, it was necessary to embark on a CX transformation project.

When the idea was brought to the management’s attention, their first reactions were skeptical.

“The CX topic was considered too abstract and the benefits of such a transformation not measurable enough, quantifiable and concrete” Federica explained. 

“In order to get the leadership’s buy-in, I had to clearly frame the vision and the macro-steps of the project, I had to evaluate the benefits for our business, and I had to defend my ideas with solid arguments. I can honestly say that what I learned on the course has helped me structure my project and convince my company’s leadership team. 

We are now well on our way to building another chapter for Odity, a chapter where employees really understand what drives customer satisfaction. 

A chapter where we differentiate ourselves thanks to the experience we’re able to deliver, and the bond we’re able to build with our buyers and clients. Our aim is to have a positive impact on our reputation – this huge advocacy opportunity that is so important for Odity.”

“Eventually, this project will have an impact on how we manage our business. This means that beyond the metrics we monitor today, new customer-focused KPIs will be part of our dashboard, such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metrics.  CLV is powerful and it shows how increasing customer loyalty contributes to profitability.  We are all enthusiastic about this project and I am sure we’ll get far with it”!

Federica is now in charge of the global CX Transformation project.

“The skillset I acquired through the Professional Certificate in CX course helped me to develop strategic thinking in terms of CX.

The course has given me confidence I needed to advance my career take on a bigger responsibility. And during the course my passion for everything related to CX grew stronger. 

Today, I am fulfilled in my job, and excited to have this chance to lead the transformation and help Odity to put our customers at the very centre of everything we do.”

We’re so happy that our CX education helped Federica and we congratulate her on her job, her career progression and we only see great things for her in the future.

Well done Federica – CX Champion!