UPDATE: Due to the current demand from learners working from home we can now start your course immediately or at any time that suits you. Please ask us



Who are these courses for?

Our CX courses are suitable for a wide range of learners from school-leavers right through to professionals in business and up to CEOs. Our entry-level Professional Certificate course is suitable and rewarding for everyone at any level of business. Our Professional Diploma is suitable for leadership and managment who feels a thorough knowledge of Customer Experience will help them gain an advantage in their business and career.


How are they delivered?

All our courses are delivered online through our Learning Management System. It’s easy to use and means you can study at your own pace.and from any place. You will have access to video lectures; downloadable templates; case studies; assignments and recommended reading lists. Also, we will support your every step of the way along your journey.

What kind of exams and assessments do you have?

We understand that many of our learners are professionals and are studying outside regular office hours. This is why the Professional Certificate programme offers Continuous Assessment grading. You will have two Assessments: one after Module 3 and another one  after Module 6. The Professional Diploma in CX course has also two Assessments: one after Module 5 and another one after Module 10. You will also have practical assignments at the end of each Module.that will help you to put in practice your learnings.

How long will it take me to complete the Professional Certificate in CX course?

Regarding time taken to complete the course, it is very much up to each individual learner. Also, you should allow a minimum of 10-12 hours for video lectures and assessments. However, although they do not form part of your assessment, there are assignments and additional reading lists that we recommend.  We estimate that if you dedicate two hours per week to your course that will work fine. Once the course starts we give you three months to complete the course so don’t worry there is plenty of time. 

How long will it take me to complete the Professional Diploma in CX course?

Regarding time taken to complete the course, it is very much up to each individual learner. The course is about 40-60 hours of online learning. Once the course starts we give you six to eight months to complete the course. We believe that if you dedicate three to four hours each week that should work fine. There will be mandatory assignments that will need to be submitted back to us and Online Assessments.

Should I know about Customer Experience before I apply?

No it’s not essential and in fact most of our graduates had very little knowledge of CX before they started. The fundamentals of CX are relevant to the fundamentals of all business knowledge.

How many courses do you run?

We run two CX courses: a Professional Certificate in Customer Experience which is 12+ hours of online learning.and the Professional Diploma in Customer Experience which will be 40+ hours of online learning.

How much does your CX courses cost?

Enrolment in our Professional Certificate course costs €495 and the Professional Diploma course costs €2850.

How do I pay?

You can pay online by credit card or we can send you an invoice.