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We’re hiring! Corporate Sales Executive

Corporate Sales Executive

Remote/Home Working

 You must be resident in Ireland, have a work permit to work in Ireland and please include both a CV and cover letter with your application to be considered.

This will be a permanent full-time position following an initial trial period.


About Us:

The CX Academy is a leading online educational company which is setting the global standard for accredited Customer Experience (CX) qualifications.

We are a global online provider of CX certification and qualifications based in Dublin, Ireland and established in 2018.

Customer Experience (CX) is an exciting and interesting skill and the fastest growing business skill in the world.

We have spent several years developing online CX courses to the highest level and we are now the global standard for certified Customer Experience qualifications.

We sell two courses, a foundation course – Professional Certificate in CX and the more advanced Professional Diploma in CX.

Our learners are split into two groups – firstly, individual learners looking to gain valuable CX knowledge and advance their careers. Secondly, companies who enrol teams to advance CX Excellence throughout their organisation.

The CX Academy is a global company with graduates now in more than 50 countries.

We’re now expanding and looking for a Corporate Sales Executive to join our small team at The CX Academy.


About You:

We would like an enthusiastic and passionate person who has a genuine interest in the success of others, to apply for this role.

You will have great communication skills.

You must have at least 2 year’s experience in Corporate/Enterprise sales.

You must be comfortable working to sales targets.

You will have some understanding of Customer Experience (CX) and must be able to deliver on all of our key emotional drivers – Knowing our potential learners, making it easy for them, understanding their individual situations and issues, meeting and managing their expectations, resolving issues smoothly when required and ensuring a high level of trust is maintained between The CX Academy and the learners at all times.

It will help if you have a background in CX, HR or L&D.


About The Role:

This is a permanent full-time position following an initial trial period.

As a Corporate Sales Executive (this role is sometimes called a Corporate Education Advisor) with The CX Academy you will work with a pipeline of both sales leads and self-generated leads. You will indentiy new business prospects and sell our courses to them.

You will be working with CX Executives, Learning and Development Managers (L&D) and HR Managers in companies to sell courses to their teams and groups. You will advise them on our CX courses and then prepare sales proposals. You will then enrol their teams on the course(s) of their choice.

As this is a sales position, you will have targets and a part of your salary will be based on sales commission.

You will manage your own sales cycle, follow up on enquiries/leads by email and phone, listen to what companies want, advise them on which course or programme is most suitable for their groups, discuss the benefits and content of the courses.

Your goal is to inform companies so that they are equipped with the knowledge to make an informed choice on which courses are most appropriate for their teams.

You will enrol learners and be a point of reference for them as they progress through their chosen course. You may have other operational duties also.

Requirements (Mandatory)

  • A minimum of 2 years corporate (B2B) sales experience
  • Experience of CRM/Sales tools
  • The ability to create Powerpoint presentations

Requirements (Desirable)

  • A knowledge of Customer Experience (CX)
  • Previous experience in sales in the professional learning and development sector and working with HR and Learning and Development executives


  • Salary is €40k per annum plus commission.
  • Training & Development
  • Remote working expenses, phone etc.


If you are interested please send a cover letter and your CV to julian@thecxacademy.org


December 13th, 2021

I wasn’t really expecting anything much to blow my mind away. Just another go-through-the-motion course, I thought……..

I attended the Professional Certificate in CX with The CX Academy recently as part of my professional hours upgrading requirement.

I wasn’t really expecting anything much to blow my mind away. Just another go-through-the-motion course, I thought.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the refreshingly logical and applicable contents. It differs from most of the overly technical, overly academic stuff which many other similar courses tend to err on. The CX Academy approach is highly sensible, easily digestible and most of all, applicable in most corporate situations. Normally, I would sit in front of my computer for the first 30 minutes or so, and would begin to space out after that. It didn’t happen with this CX e-learning experience, and I was absolutely impressed.

In short, the presentation is correctly-paced and professionally delivered, the contents are relevant and logically arranged, the entirety of the course is user-friendly and the customer-service is immaculate.

The only suggestion I would give is to incorporate examples and case studies of companies not restricted to UK, Europe or North America but also corporations from other parts of the world.

I am very glad that I signed up for this.


Allan Chia Hai Choon (Singapore)

2 August 2021

CX – What the hell is it?

What the hell is CX?

The term CX (Customer Experience) is ever more visible in LinkedIn profiles, job titles and sales and marketing publications. It is becoming so ubiquitous that it’s time to get to know it if you don’t already.

All companies whether b2b and b2c now know that, in an increasingly online world, the power of referral and customers’ recommendations is the new sales pipeline.

Your customers are now your sales team and how they talk about their experience with a company is an ever-growing trigger for customer acquisition, cross sales and retention.

The focus needs to shift more to this reality for companies to thrive.

It’s no longer just about service or pricing because for referrals and stories to live, the customer must become passionate or willing to talk about you to others.

Customer Experience (or CX) was born out of this need. It’s defined as how a person feels about all of the interactions with your company. If I feel strongly or positively about my experience with you, your product or your people, I will share the story, I will fill out the testimonial, I will take pride in selling you to others.

With this at its core, CX is essentially a suite of tools, processes and management styles that tangibly put the customer at the heart of a company, reduce staff burnout and provide metrics that show its impact on income and company’s profitability.


Ok I get it. But what is involved?

There is a suite of tools involved to help companies deliver better experiences through CX practices/processes. Remember whether in a b2b or b2c scenario a customer is still a customer! The three biggies are:

  • Developing a Customer Promise – CX practitioners are skilled in developing a clearly defined attractive statement about the unique experience you provide to your customers. It is the answer to a question a customer may never ask but drives their choices… what makes your company worthwhile to me? Think brand values meets customers’ needs.
  • Creating Customer Personas – A persona is a detailed personality profile of how a specific customer type behaves, their needs, attitudes and motivations. It’s a way of aligning the customer promise to specific customer types and for staff to ‘walk’ more in these customers’ shoes.  For those in the marketing world it’s like segmentation but on a much more personalised, needs based approach.
  • Customer Journey Mapping – The customer journey map is a tool to visualize the experience of interacting with your brand from the customer’s point of view. This map is critical because it forces you to look at how your customers experience your brand versus how you think they do. By better understanding your customers, you can better deliver on their expectations. It differs from other project management mapping tools like six sigma in that feelings and pain points are identified where the customer feels frustrated, confused etc. Opportunities lie within these points.


All well and good but how is dealing with customer feelings going to help my bottom line?

This was an area CX struggled in for many years as a relatively new discipline. C-suite could not see the link to the bottom line and CX roles in companies were given lip service.

However, this is rapidly changing now that clearer links are being identified between a company’s net promoter scores (i.e., what percentage of customers would recommend us) and sales, cross sales and customer lifetime value.

Other metrics include Average Resolution Time, Customer Effort Score, Customer Churn and Net Emotional Value scores.

Fortune 500 companies are investing significantly in ramping up their CX departments and profits are being attributed to the way the customer is looked after. CEOs of these companies are backing this up by increasingly including customer stories within their individual communication.


So, remind me, what do I need to know?

CX is how a customer feels about all aspects of dealing with your company. Any CX programme will have three main building blocks; customer promise, personas and journeys. It’s measurable and in a world where customer word of mouth is king increasingly drives profits.

A Testimonial To Be Proud Of!

This testimonial is from Jeanne Ogilvie, one of our Professional Diploma Graduates.

This is by far the best course I’ve taken since my uni days. What stood out for me:

The depth and the quality: the course directors have really done a wonderful job at encompassing all the different elements of Customer Experience in a clear, thorough and rigorous manner. It has reinforced my passion and knowledge in this field, and has given me new tools and methods to approach Customer Experience. Be it in its planning, strategy and implementation.

Hands on, practical application: this course isn’t just about learning, it’s about gaining knowledge and using it, then and there. The assignments at the end of each module, really made me think long and hard about the common challenges and opportunities in the CX field. Applying the theory to real case scenarios was invaluable. This was my favourite part.

The format: the short videos made it so much easier for me to retain all the information. There is A LOT to take in, but the bite size videos makes it all manageable. The summary notes were also a great help.

The service: the customer service was absolutely brilliant – any question was answered within 24 hours (and I live in Sydney!). I could really feel that there was time and effort put into each and every answer I received. Although it was all done online, I could feel the warmth and genuine care from the whole support Team as well as the course Directors.

All in all, this CX Diploma gave me new tools, new perspectives and most of all the knowledge, insight and confidence I needed to pursue my CX career.

It didn’t feel like a course as much as an exhilarating, intelligent and inspiring experience. I’m actually really sad it’s over!

Jeanne Ogilvie, CX Consultant, Sydney, Australia

CX Success Stories

The CXA Social Webinar CX Success Stories NOV 2020


Please join us on Thursday 5th November 2020 at 12pm (noon) for a 40 minute Masterclass.

  • This webinar is all about good news.
  • Specifically good news and success brought about by CX initiatives.
  • We’ve got two great guests from the UK and our own Michael Killeen talking about recent success stories in their business and businesses around the world.
  • What are the keys to success and what does the customer need to hear?
  • You’ll get lots of ideas that you can put into practice right now!
Join Martin Canwell (Aptean), David Orr (Fencor), Tony Clifton (Fencor) and Michael Killeen (The CX Academy) on Thursday 5th November at 12 noon (IST & BST).
Looking forward to seeing you there!

CX as a Career

Please join us on Thursday 13th August 2020 at 12pm (noon IST) for a 40 minute free Masterclass.

CX as a Career


Are you considering moving into CX? Would you like to change your career path?
Just one small step and you could move into the fastest growing discipline in the world!
Join us to discuss the role of a CX executive in a modern organisation
What are the roles, responsibilities and key skills required?
Interview tips, the first 90 days and how to make an immediate impact!

Course Directors Cathy Summers and Siobhán Mallen will be joining us.


Your Career – Your Course

Please join us on Thursday July 30th 2020 at 2pm for a 40 minute free webinar to help you choose the right CX qualification for your career.

You’ll learn:
-How CX benefits your business
-What a CX qualification does for your career
-How our CX courses work
-Which course is the best for you

We’ll look at the Professional Certificate and the Professional Diploma and afterwards you’ll have a very clear idea which course is right for you!


The CXA Social Webinar Your Career Your Course


With all of our courses you will learn:

– A deep understanding of CX, the skills and tools required to create new strategies and drive improvement in existing strategies

– The confidence and knowledge to discuss and implement CX strategies with senior leadership at the highest level in your organisation

– A step by step guide to manage and embed a world class CX programme and build a culture of staff empowerment

– The expertise to advance your career and to speak the language of leadership


The Power of Caring

Shared emotions have bought companies and customers closer together during the corona virus.

Consumers sense of trust has been heightened and dictating which companies they deal with in the future.

Genuine care for staff, customers and community strengthen deep bonds.

Companies who are truly authentic and live their values matter more than ever. Those that stepped up during the crisis will be remembered forever. And those that didn’t, beware.

We will launch our new corona virus insight survey results in 6 weeks. Follow this series for further information.

Choose The Right CX Course For You!

The CXA Social Webinar Choose the CX Course thats right for July


Please join us on Wednesday July 1st, 2020 at 2pm for a 40 minute free webinar on choosing the right CX qualification for you!

  • You’ll learn:
    How CX benefits your business
    What a CX qualification does for your career
    How our CX courses work
    Which course is the best for you

We’ll look at the Professional Certificate and the Professional Diploma and afterwards you’ll have a very clear idea which course is right for you!

Please register here


With all of our courses you will also learn:

– A deep understanding of CX, the skills and tools required to create new strategies and drive improvement in existing strategies

– The confidence and knowledge to discuss and implement CX strategies with senior leadership at the highest level in your organisation

– A step by step guide to manage and embed a world class CX programme and build a culture of staff empowerment

– The expertise to advance your career and to speak the language of leadership

Please register here

University Credit Rated CX Education

Glasgow Caledonian







We are delighted and proud to announce today that our Professional Diploma in Customer Experience (CX) has been credit rated by Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).

This is a significant, internationally respected and recognised educational body. GCU would be considered one of the UKs top universities and they have over 20,000 students and 1,600
administrative staff.

We’ve looked around and as far as we are aware no other CX courses are credited rated or accredited by an official university.

GCU were a natural fit for us. They understand business and have a well developed understanding of the ‘university to business’ mindset.

They know that programmes must be practical, accessible for professional learners and underpinned by solid theory.  They have been our partners during this whole process and we are delighted to be
working with them.

Now, the CX Academy’s Professional Diploma in CX is the first globally recognised, university credit-rated qualification for CX.

The programme is rated by the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) at Level 8 qualification which equates to a Level 5 in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Please ask ana@thecxacademy.org if you want more information on the Professional Diploma in CX.