Tafadzwa Mudekunye – The CX Academy

Tafadzwa Mudekunye

When I started my journey with the CX Academy, it felt like a lot with 2 young kids and a hectic job, I felt like I was biting off more than I could chew. However, my passion for CX and desire to learn as much as I could about CX drove me to bite anyway. I have no regrets! Over and above my diploma, I have walked away with so much more. The Diploma is very extensive and gives practical and methodical handles on how organisations can adopt the different facets of CX to transform their business. The call to put the customer at the heart of everything an organisation does resonated with me and the models, frameworks, structures and recommendations in the course made it easy to envision the role I can play in CX transformation. The classes were engaging and the team were extremely supportive and helpful. I would recommend the Diploma to anyone who is looking to understand their role in CX adoption and how to practically roll it out within your organisation.

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