Renata Vianna – The CX Academy

Renata Vianna

I found the course excellent. The online modules are very smooth and the exercises are relevant to consolidate the content learned.I found the material (articles and examples) by the end of each module well designed and enjoyable to read. I have been working in the customer support area for 20 years, initially coming from the Hospital as a clinical professional, being an Application Specialist fi the Medical Devices area or 7 years and starting a career on leadership upon the completion of a MBA. When I moved to the Customer Experience area in my Company I wanted to make sure that I was not only familiar with the topic from working with customer support and understanding the pain points that customers feel, but instead, that I would know how to evaluate the customer experience from the point of view of a professional who is familiar with concepts, language and overview. The course provided me with this knowledge. My experience has grown a lot since I started the course and it has been very helpful to operate in my position with confidence, even with the acquired experience I already had when I moved to the Customer Experience area in a global position. It took me much more time than I anticipated to complete the course due to available time I had last year but even this was not bad, I could consume the modules and take time to start using the lessons learned at the right pace. Thanks for your support and please extend my gratitude to the course directors and coordinators as well.

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