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Imre Marko

I was a bit surprised at first with the way the chapters would be unlocked following assignments, but I understand why this was put in place, and I believe it’s the best way to go through the course properly. I thoroughly enjoyed the more practical assignments (interviewing colleagues and explaining the results, user journey mapping, etc.). The academic/theoretical ones were tougher, but it’s necessary to have a variety of assignments for the entirety of the course. I also enjoyed working in English again. My company works almost entirely in French, so I’ve lost a bit of practice in writing in English, so that was fun to go back into it. It hasn’t helped my career yet, but I’m sure it will. I plan on using this additional diploma to help me find my next job/position. Since I’ll most likely be changing companies, it won’t help my current one but will help the next. I’ll keep you posted on this as it’s too soon to answer.

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