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Diploma Testimonial

Pierre Brouquet

I must say the course has been an ‘eye opener’. Before the course, I felt like CX was kind of the new ‘digital’ – something everybody talks about but nobody really does or understands. Now I feel really comfortable talking about CX and how it can transform a business and I am convinced it is […]

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Stefan Witteman

I really enjoyed going through the programme for the CX diploma in my evening hours. I learned a great deal about many different CX disciplines and liked the balance between theory and practise.There are plenty of examples provided from other organisations throughout and doing the assignments helped me to test and apply any learnings in

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Jeanne Ogilvie

This is by far the best course I’ve taken since my university days. The depth, the quality, the hands on practical application, the format and the service were all absolutely brilliant. All in all, this CX Diploma gave me new tools, new perspectives and most of all the knowledge, insight and confidence I needed to

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Werner Jacobs

I experienced firsthand how the needs of customers change and how important emotional factors are when dealing with customers and people in general. The CX Academy’s Diploma course addressed every question and concern I had in this changing world in delivering excellent customer service and ultimately the overall customer experience. The course was well planned

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Michael Birch

This course provides an excellent overview of the principles of CX and explains how to start a CX improvement within your company. It is well organized, interesting, and timed appropriately to accommodate the majority of people’s busy work schedules. It fills a critical market niche and is the first course of its kind I’ve encountered

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Lucy Mugford

I have really enjoyed the CX Academy Professional Diploma in Customer Experience! The course content was presented well, the videos were very engaging, and the assignments were actually very fun to complete! Being able to complete the course at my own pace was great and I didn’t feel overloaded with work. I feel like I

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Tej Panesar

Enjoyed being part of the professional Diploma course and was delighted to complete this with a distinction . The programme offered high value content, great takeaways and templates which was relatable to the role I am in currently. The course structure was great to go through and kept me well engaged. The case study examples

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Declan Buckley

This was definitely a good investment. The Professional Diploma course is comprehensive and provides graduates with the framework, techniques, tools and templates to build and support world class CX programmes, no matter what the organisation. The professionalism of the delivery, the variety of presenters, many of them practitioners in their own day jobs, and the

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Emma Turner

This was by far the best course I’ve ever completed. Outstanding Customer Experience is at the heart of every successful business and this course gives you the roadmap and toolkit for achieving it. It was so practical and relevant and the format made it easy and enjoyable. Course content delivered by professionals in CX and

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Seán O’Hannrachain

This course gives a very interesting insight into the world of CX and the framework is very easily applied across a number of industries. I particularly enjoyed the aspect of the link between emotions and CX outcomes.” I’m happy for this to be shared if you’d like.

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