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Certificate Testimonial

Maria Demery

I honestly found this to be the best online course I’ve ever completed. I found the content all really interesting and relevant. Straight away I started to put it into practice, it really got me inspired. It refreshed my mind on so many important areas and reminded me of things we can always be improving […]

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Alexandra Alves

I want to congratulate your team! This course is very didactic and very well designed, the platform is user friendly and the teachers deliver it in a very clear and comprehensive way. Thanks to everyone involved. This course was given to me by the company to which I am also very grateful, as I believe

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Vikneswari A/P Panneerselvam

Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun! The course was presented in an enthusiastic way. Even though the training was conducted virtually, all the facilitators are very energetic and kept the participants focus all the time on the way was presented. The overall

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Rebecca Sanchez

I wanted to thank you for providing such a fantastic course in CX. The course is extremely well structured and the delivery of the content is provided in such an easy and effective manner that it is impossible not to retain all the knowledge accrued at the end of each module. The fact that you

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Danielle Fitzsimons

I thoroughly enjoyed the Professional Certificate in CX course from The CX Academy. It was well put together, relevant and easy to follow and the fact that I could work at my own pace was fantastic. I am in Marketing so I was delighted to find a customer focused course that was relevant to my

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Fedaa Alhassan

Overall the course was refreshing to me, it provided a sense of structure that I personally needed since I am about to embark on a new role that revolves around CX. I recently graduated from a Masters degree in digital marketing and I was familiar with many of the concepts presented. I found the last

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Nikita Kuznetsov

A paradigm-shifting course! This is a must-have if your work is even remotely connected to сustomer management. Contains lots of lectures, online webinars, materials, exercises and further readings on the topic. The CX Excellence Certificate is totally worth the investment!

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Robert Zalega

I was afraid, because may English is not perfect. But I had no problems with understanding so I am sure that this course is perfect for foreigners. Me an my colleagues are very happy to take part in the course. I am Voice of Customer Expert in insurance company in Poland. This is international company

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Alex Wood

As a new CX Director, this course has given me a blueprint for how to do my role successfully and I’ll be following it to the letter. The varied and easy to follow videos were complemented by extra resources and assessments which embedded my knowledge. I can’t recommend this course enough.

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