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Driving Your Profitability

We believe CX is a crucial part of every organisation.

The fundamental purpose of delivering CX Excellence throughout your company is to delight customers, retain them over long periods and turn those loyal customers into genuine advocates who now sell on your behalf, acquiring new customers far more cost effectively.

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Trusted by hundreds of major world brands

Benefits of Investing in CX

A Complete
CX Knowledge

Our courses are designed to educate your staff to deliver CX
Excellence and to reward them too!

When CX Excellence is achieved, your company will increase
profitability and turn your customers into advocates of your

Often misunderstood, Customer Experience is completely
different to Customer Service. Learn why.

A learning experience for busy teams

Learning Resources

Learn when it suits your team, at their own pace, on their computer or phone and with full access to our online learning platform.

Case Studies

Learn through cases from major world brands and best practice examples.

Private Welcome webinars

Motivational private webinars for your team to support your company’s message and growth.

Downloadable CX Resources

Discover a wide range of templates and resources to help you use CX to your advantage everyday.

Assignments & Projects

Your team can learn together by completing practical and thought-provoking projects that you can apply immediately in your own company.

One-to-one support

Live, one-to-one support and mentoring available, with our course directors, anytime you need.

What Our Graduates Say?

Our graduates not only gain a valuable career qualification, they enjoy the experience too!

Melanie Fischer

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the CX Diploma course. It was easy to follow and I particularly enjoyed the videos being in short, digestible nuggets. It was a great mix of online videos, assessments and multiple choice exams to check my understanding of the topics. The course benefits both my current role managing a busy and growing contact centre but also will benefit my future career prospects as I feel well equipped to be able to adapt my learning to whatever role I do in the future. Thank you CX Academy for such an engaging and informative course.

waitrose 3
Christina Meehan

I highly recommended this course for anyone and those who are customer-facing in particular. The course content is easy to follow and reinforces the same wording and theme throughout, so it becomes the new way of thinking and working for everyone in the organisation.

bt 3
Pierre Brouquet

I must say the course has been an ‘eye opener’. Before the course, I felt like CX was kind of the new ‘digital’ – something everybody talks about but nobody really does or understands. Now I feel really comfortable talking about CX and how it can transform a business and I am convinced it is a key concept to master in an increasingly digital world in which technology tends to forget that our customers are … humans! The modules were really good, with written summaries and documentation but also the articles were very useful.

airliquide 4
Nikki Kooner-Ramm

I found the Professional Certificate in CX really useful in understanding the benefits and principles of CX, and how we can implement this within our organisation. I think the course was very well structured and easy to follow with lots of really useful references to external material. We are already starting to apply the learnings.

universityofbristol 2
Jeanne Ogilvie

This is by far the best course I’ve taken since my university days. The depth, the quality, the hands on practical application, the format and the service were all absolutely brilliant. All in all, this CX Diploma gave me new tools, new perspectives and most of all the knowledge, insight and confidence I needed to pursue my CX career. It didn’t feel like a course as much as an exhilarating, intelligent and inspiring experience. I’m actually really sad it’s over!

deloitte 3
Rodrigo Massa

I really enjoyed the CX course, especially the examples given and the CX framework presented. I also liked how it was structured as it made it easier to follow and how the tools given, can be applied anywhere. Overall, for me, it was really insightful, very applicable and completely worth it.

ing 3
Werner Jacobs

I experienced firsthand how the needs of customers change and how important emotional factors are when dealing with customers and people in general. The CX Academy’s Diploma course addressed every question and concern I had in this changing world in delivering excellent customer service and ultimately the overall customer experience. The course was well planned and I could complete it within 8 months between my busy schedule at work. I am very proud to be a qualified CX Professional and The CX Academy made it possible. I can grow in my position and more importantly lead by example when dealing with customers on all levels. CX is contagious and I can see a difference in the way my staff deals with customers. Their focus has changed from service which was more function to the experience which is all about emotions. My next step is to use all the tools and knowledge gained in this course to get buy-in from the executive level to grow CX in Fluidra South Africa and hopefully Fluidra Global.

flurida 3
Michael Birch

This course provides an excellent overview of the principles of CX and explains how to start a CX improvement within your company.
It is well organized, interesting, and timed appropriately to accommodate the majority of people’s busy work schedules.
It fills a critical market niche and is the first course of its kind I’ve encountered where you also have the Customer Journey as an integrated part of this.

tricent 3
Nat Brown

I really enjoyed the CX course, especially the examples given and the CX framework presented. I also liked how it was structured as it made it easier to follow and how the tools given, can be applied anywhere. Overall, for me, it was really insightful, very applicable and completely worth it.

thmarch 3
Lucy Mugford

I have really enjoyed the CX Academy Professional Diploma in Customer Experience! The course content was presented well, the videos were very engaging, and the assignments were actually very fun to complete! Being able to complete the course at my own pace was great and I didn’t feel overloaded with work. I feel like I have really enhanced my knowledge of CX and have been able to apply this knowledge within my company throughout my CX Academy journey. I am looking forward to continuing to apply the practices I have learned and ensure CX is a top priority!

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Professional Diploma in Customer Experience

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Explore our Courses

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Professional Diploma

in Customer Experience (CX)

Advance your career in CX with a globally-recognised, industry-approved, university credit-rated, qualification in Customer Experience.

  • 10 Modules
  • Self-Paced & Online
  • Toolkits, Templates & Practical Resources
  • Graded & mentored by CX Course Directors
  • Best practice case studies
  • University Credit-Rated
  • Complete CX Strategy Implementation
  • Professional Certification Awarded
Early bird price until *18th October 2022* €2395 €2850

Professional Certificate

in Customer Experience (CX)

Learn CX fundamentals and how to implement & deliver CX Excellence. Learn through video lectures, CX toolkits and best practice ‘real world’ studies.

  • 6 Modules
  • 12 Hours Direct Learning
  • Self-Paced
  • Toolkits, Templates & Resources
  • Student Support
  • Accredited by The CX Industry Advisory Council
  • Professional Certification Awarded
Early bird price until *18th October 2022* €420 €495

Customer Experience

in (CX) Essentials

This is CX for everyone! Learn CX essentials and how to deliver CX Excellence. Understand why CX is so important in every department of your organisation.

  • 3 Hours
  • 3 Modules
  • Self-Paced
  • Extra Resources

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