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Driving Your Profitability

Customer Experience (CX) is the newest and fastest growing business discipline in the corporate world today.

The fundamental purpose of delivering CX Excellence throughout your company is to turn loyal customers into genuine advocates who now sell on your behalf, acquiring new customers far more cost effectively.

Educating professionals in these skills is what we do.

Our courses are self-paced, industry focused and commercially driven.

Build Customer-Obsessed Teams to deliver Customer Experience Excellence

Customer Experience (CX) is how a customer feels about every interaction with your organisation. Those companies who understand this and who focus on ensuring their customers trust them and find it easy to do business with them are the ones that will survive and thrive.

CX is an essential skill. Delivering probable return-on-investment, it’s built on clearly defined processes and metrics that delivers greater customer advocacy to support profitability.


How CX Excellence Benefits Your Company – More Wins!

The CX Academy: Statistics

Only 26% of customers are satisfied with their complaint experience

35% of satisfied customers tell friends/family/colleagues of a great experience

80% of companies believe that they deliver CX Excellence

Only 8% of their customers believe they deliver CX Excellence

What Your Employees Will Learn on Our Courses

They will truly ‘get’ what Customer Experience is, it’s importance and their role in it


Access to frameworks and processes that allow them understand how to put Customer Experience into action


A language around Customer Experience that supports them in getting buy-in and support for CX initiatives


An understanding of how to measure the success of CX within their organisation


An opportunity to work with their colleagues on assignments that embed the learnings and develop action plans specific to their organisation


Empowerment and confidence to act with a CX focus on a daily basis.

About the CX Academy: How we can help

We are the global center for CX Excellence with international experience in over 50 countries. We deliver best in class online courses at both Certificate and Diploma level.

Our Certificate course quickly unifies a team to ‘live in the customers shoes’ for either B2B or B2C companies.  It embeds the importance of CX as a way of working and ensures cross functional teams use similar language around CX. This speeds up decision making, buy-in and action planning.

Our Diploma course creates true CX Leaders within an organization. Leaders who will be able to gain sustained buy- in for CX programs.

Our Online Courses

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Professional Certificate In
Customer Experience (CX)

For Customer-Facing Employees & Teams & those who support them.



Professional Diploma In
Customer Experience (CX)

For Managers, Executives and Customer-Facing Team Leaders


What Companies Are Saying

Three UK Logo 20032

Kirsty Fryer, Senior Manager, Three

“The certification has been great, I really enjoyed it. I’ve worked in CX for a number of years now but this has helped put structure and consistency behind our thinking and plans.”

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Christina Meehan,
Client Services Manager, BT Group

“I highly recommended this course for anyone and those who are customer-facing in particular. The course content is easy to follow and reinforces the same wording and theme throughout, so it becomes the new way of thinking/working for everyone in the organisation.”

University of Bristol logo

Nikki Kooner-Ramm, Business Analyst, University of Bristol

“I found the Professional Certificate in CX really useful in understanding the benefits and principles of CX, and how we can implement this within our organisation. I think the course was very well structured and easy to follow with lots of really useful references to external material. We are already starting to apply the learnings.”

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Olivier Delobel, Business Excellence Director, Air Liquide

“It has been a pleasure following this training path, congratulations to all The CX Academy Team. If I had provide an NPS Score, it would most probably be 9!”

Our Graduates

Learners who have graduated from our courses represent some of the world’s biggest brands:

Build Customer-Obsessed Teams to deliver Customer Experience Excellence