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The CX Academy Fellowship Programme

July 20th, 2022

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We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched The CX Academy Fellowship Programme. We have been working on this project for months and we can finally tell the world all about it!

As the largest Customer Experience education provider in the world, with graduates in over 70 countries, launching the CX Fellowship is the next step in promoting CX as a professional discipline required for business success. We are launching The CX Fellowship to celebrate CX Excellence by granting the Fellowship to leading CX ambassadors and distinguished customer champions that have excelled in their passion for customers and staff and who have strengthened the CX profession globally. 

This is the first of this kind and the highest professional honour and distinction (FCXA) our industry offers. We believe that those who receive The CX Fellowship award have and will make a difference to the CX industry.

The fellowships will be awarded to CX champions around the world that have made a great impact (and still do) on the industry throughout their careers. It will recognise leaders and those that aspire to be leaders in the CX profession and further afield. In particular those who have gone above and beyond in the CX sector. 

To ensure that this is the case we created a set of criteria to help the awarding process. 

Among others, they need to have a deep knowledge and commitment to CX, backed with a number of years of real-world experience. Each chosen fellow has to be involved in customer initiatives that empower and motivate staff to do what is right for the customer. All fellows will be invited to join a global CX community to mentor and participate in future CX positioning initiatives. Essentially they will become the ambassadors for our profession in the future.


The very first chosen fellows are as follows:

David Conway, Chief Strategy and Customer Director KPMG Nunwood.

Diane Magers, Founder and CEO & Experience Catalyst.

Paul Bailey, Head of Communications at the Irish League of Credit Unions.

Leena Basrur, Founder and Chair of Direxions, a leading customer consultancy group in India.

Don Peppers & Martha Rogers, Acclaimed authors, speakers and co-founders of Peppers & Rogers Group. 

Shep Hyken, New York Times Bestselling author.


For more information please visit: thecxacademy.org/fellowship.

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