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5 Biggest Mistakes in CX

July 13th, 2022


These are the mistakes in CX which you probably already know about but often find yourself falling into. If you want to achieve CX Excellence you should steer clear of them.


1.The Digital Gone Wrong

Digitising your service can have multitude of positives; lower costs, easier scalability, data collection and many more. However, it is very easy to cross the boundaries and over do it. You can find out more about the digital part of the business here. Many companies forget about creating a balance between the digital and the human touch. Customers want to feel that they are treated like an individual. Personalising your customer service as well as marketing and creating an omnichannel experience will be useless if you don’t get the balance right. As well as that, remember that we live in a highly visual world. If your product design isn’t up to par potential customers will turn away.


2.Not Recognising Your Employees

Your employees can be your biggest asset. At the end of the day, they are the ones directly impacting your customers. Disregarding customer service agent feedback can lead to gaps in knowledge about your customers needs and wants. Employees that are provided with valuable training and filling positions where they can utilise their strengths are going to be happier and more productive. Listening to changes in their moods and concerns raised, will never be more important, especially when it comes to health and safety.


3.Focusing On The Company Needs

Yes, I know you want to sell your toothpicks for €100 each but this is the real world. Too often businesses focus on their needs and wants rather than those of their customers. Inventing solutions that nobody asked for, or putting measures in place which were designed with the company at the centre of all decisions, will lead to nowhere. Well, perhaps an angry customer and loss in profits. 


4.Promising The World

Setting the wrong expectations is setting up your company for failure. You should always be clear about what your customer promise is and never guarantee what you’re not capable of delivering. Today there is less tolerance for failure and if you don’t build trust with your customers to compensate for errors (that are bound to happen), losing them will become inevitable. 


5.Not Listening 

A customer that wants to share their opinion is a gold mine of opportunities. However, if you don’t listen you won’t have access to it. Companies often ask questions to get the answers they want to get. If you don’t ask the right questions and in the right way you might be creating a dis-alignment between the real needs/wants of your customers and what you think they need or want. As well as this, lack of detailed customer feedback analysis, can cause you to miss opportunities for personalisation. For example, there is a great difference in customer priorities depending on their demographics. Detailed analysis can help you create a more personalised experience for different age groups.


Of course this isn’t the complete list, but if you avoid these you’ll be more likely to avoid the others. The most important thing is to always keep the customer at the centre of all decisions. You do that and you’re halfway there and if you need further help with creating the best customer-centric CX strategy, check out our Professional Diploma and Certificate courses. 

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