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Emotional Intelligence

July 6th, 2022

At its core Customer Experience wouldn’t have any purpose, meaning or need if emotions didn’t come into play in customer-business relationships. However, how we feel about a product or a service is CX. So to have knowledge about the biggest factor in CX is to have power over your CX strategy.

What is emotional intelligence? 

Emotional intelligence is about being aware of your emotions, how to manage them and how to use them to get along with others. It includes factors such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social-skills. The info-graphic below explains each of these in detail.


Emotional Intelligence Info-graphic

Emotional Intelligence Info-graphic


What does it have to do with CX and why is it so important?

“According to cognitive neuroscientists 90% -95% of all decisions are shaped at an emotional unconscious level, rather than conscious logical level.” The strong feelings that arise in a customer are a response to an assessment of an event. These feelings can either trigger or prohibit an action. 

In order for your business to reach CX Excellence, anyone dealing with customers should have high levels of emotional intelligence. It will enable your staff to listen, understand and connect with your customers. In fact, your whole CX strategy should include actionable insights, at every step of the customer journey, related to emotional intelligence. 

Instead of feeding your staff with monotonous scripts you should teach them to listen and be authentic during any interaction with the customer. Authentic behaviours are more likely to result in a positive reaction. This is because when we hear someone reading out a script they give the impression that they are not interested in us or what we have to say. In turn, our attitude towards the person, service and the company tilts towards the negative side. It is a two way system and the company is the one trying to get the approval … not the customer. So to all business owners: roll up your sleeves because it won’t be easy. 

As a business owner you should be working on your emotional intelligence as it will have a direct impact on your employees and how they carry out their tasks. You should lead by example and be open to discussions with your staff. Evaluate your performance and ask your staff to do the same. If they match you’ll know you are self-aware. Use your social skills and empathy to understand your staff and their issues. Remember they are the ones dealing with your customers directly so gather as much feedback from them as possible to be able to improve your customer experience. 

All of the characteristics of emotional intelligence can be improved, and the more you work on them the closer you will be to achieving CX excellence as a business. 


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