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Personalised Customer Experience

June 29th, 2022

When you go to your local shop, more than likely you are greeted by name, you talk about your weekend, laugh and leave with your newspaper, scratch card and a smile on your face. When you call your internet provider for help, you are put on hold, asked the same question over and over,  just to be left trying to ‘Turn it off and on, again’. 

As your business grows it’s harder to create a personalised experience for your customers. However, just because it’s hard it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. 

As a business owner you should empower your staff to offer a personalised experience at every step of your customer’s journey. 

71% of consumers expect personalisation. Your customers are looking for personal experience that makes them feel like a human being, instead of a ‘money-making-machine’ for your business. Personalising your customer services for them is just the first step. 

There are many ways you can empower your staff to create real bonds and connections. 

A few years ago, I was working for a world-wide sports gear provider as a customer service agent. The company empowered us to ask probing questions and to really try to understand and connect with the customer – even if it was just for that one call. 

I would always start by asking their name so I could address them by it for the remainder of the call. If a customer told me that they are buying football boots for their son, who is turning 11 this week, I could offer them a discount code, a free pair of socks or a jersey as a birthday gift. I was able to set reminders to myself to check up on the delivery status and I would call when I saw it changed to ‘delivered’, to ensure that everything was alright. Of course, I would pass on my birthday wishes. 

It wasn’t hard. It didn’t take much time, but for the customer it was a big deal, because no other company went to such lengths for her before. 


Staff Training 

If you’re managing employees, you have the power to steer the training of your staff in the direction that will not only bring increased profits but also help build brand affinity. 

Using The CX Academy Framework you can teach your staff to listen and adapt the solution for each customer individually. Their goal should be to make each customer feel important and valued. 

They should provide a warm welcome and be present in the conversation. Through active listening and probing questions they will find out the root cause of the problem. They should empathise and communicate real understanding. 

Using notes, they can steer clear from questions that have already been answered on previous calls and to find out what solutions have already been offered if the problem is repeating.  

Ultimately every interaction should be treated as an opportunity to get to know the customer better.

Image displaying 8 attributes of the 'You know me' emotional driver: Warm Welcome, Make Them Feel Special & Important, Help Them Wherever You Can, Use Technology, Give Them Choice, Give The Customer What is Best For Them, Actively Listen, Be Present

8 attributes of the ‘You know me’ emotional driver.


Technology Solutions

You can utilise AI and different algorithms to personalise customer experience. 

For example, every order’s delivery status could be monitored. If the system sees that there were no recent updates, an email informing of a new order being prepared could be sent to the customer. This way you are showing your customer that even after they purchased from you, they are not forgotten. You are taking full responsibility and ownership of the issue from the start and this is what your customers are looking for. 

Remember: Technology will never be able to replace the human touch needed in a true and complete customer service personalisation. 

Read The Digital Part of the (Customer Experience) Business to learn more about how to use technology to your advantage. 


The ‘Why’

If my opening paragraph wasn’t convincing enough let me explain the one reason why you need to personalise your customer experience.


PCE Quote


Personalised Customer Experience directly affects customer loyalty and trust. Customers who are loyal will act as brand ambassadors and recommend your business to others. The ones hearing about your business in a positive way will be more inclined to use your products and services. 

In short: You will make a profit by investing in Customer Experience Personalisation. 


Convinced? Sign up for one of our courses today, to find out more about personalising your customer experience at thecxacademy.org. 

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