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You Deliver on Your Promise

June 17th, 2021

We asked the ‘Boss Man’ Michael Killeen to give us a personal story about one of our emotional drivers.  He chose You Deliver on Your Promise.  This is his story…..

Delivering on your company promise is one of the most challenging drivers to deliver on today because consumers expectations are on a meteoric rise the world over. From our own experiences, you can count on your fingers the number of global companies who genuinely manage, meet and exceed their customers expectations on a consistent basis.

The one brand that stands head and shoulders above all others is Patagonia. Patagonia’s customer promise is beautifully simple ‘’To build superior products without causing harm to the planet’’. And they go the extra mile and implement solutions to help customers do something meaningful about our global environmental crisis.

My son Mikey lives in Bend, Oregon, one of the most environmentally friendly destinations in the USA. Mikey is a forest fire fighter emersed in helping protect our environment. He called me recently to tell me about Patagonia’s ‘WORN WEAR’ programme where they invited him to visit their WORN WEAR travelling repair van. He was invited to bring his damaged and old clothing to have them fixed rather than go out and buy new ones. This was all about helping to save the planet and avoid filling up landfills. What other company do we know of who advise their customers buy less products and to wear their gear longer? This company delivers on their customer promise – turbo style!

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