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The Power of You Know Me – 2!

May 31st, 2021

This is brilliant – what company could convince Raissa that they ‘know’ her dog? Phoenix Bark could and this is Raissa’s story!

“I was browsing online for dog food for my dog. I wanted something that would provide regular deliveries and I would not need to keep reordering every month nor would I need to go to the store every single time that I was out of food.

I came across a couple of companies that do this service. All the companies would charge delivery and charge for a portion of the food (to try out). I ended up registering myself with some companies but I didn’t want to pay for a food sample and neither for delivery as I didn’t know if my dog would like the food.

Only one company contacted me back, asked if they could add me on their whatsapp, asked me for some details, such as my dog’s name, weight, favourite flavours, etc.

Screenshot 2021 05 31 at 08.57.40


After a week I got a delivery from this same company for free, the food came wrapped individually with my name, my dog’s name and descriptions. It was a lovely surprise. The attendant then texted me after a couple days to see how I was doing and asked if my dog liked the food. She was extremely nice.

I absolutely loved the service and the gesture. It was something very personalised and made me feel unique. I now subscribed for regular deliveries with them.”

A great story of the power of personalisation – the company is called Phoenix Bark (hilarious as we have a famous park here in the centre of Dublin called Phoenix Park!) and their website address is here.


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