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The Power of ‘You Know Me’

May 27th, 2021

At a meeting recently we thought it would be a great idea to ask colleagues to tell us a story from a recent experience and in their own words that really reflects one of the emotional drivers in our CX Academy Framework.  Laura chose ‘You Know Me’ and this is her story.

“The hardest part of the pandemic for me is missing out on celebrating life’s milestones with loved ones. Although we currently don’t get to relish the moments in person, I want to ensure that I mark the occasion with a token, whatever that may be.

Having exhausted sending flowers and meal kits, I really wanted to do something special for my friend’s 30th.

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Chupi, a luxury Irish jewellery brand seemed like a fantastic alternative. I booked a virtual appointment with one of the staff who was able to assist me in every part of the decision-making journey. They asked for photos of my friend, analysed her hair, eye colour and interests. They really took the time to get to know her so they could advise on the jewellery that would best suit her personality and style.

I decided to go with a ring that had her birthstone, but I wasn’t sure of her ring size, they sent her out a free ring sizer free of charge so that it would be the perfect fit.

Chupi took the time to listen and really get to know my friend so that they could make compelling recommendations that will keep me and everyone I recommended to them coming back. This is a great example how personalisation can gain a customer for life!”

The ‘You Know Me’ emotional driver is all about treating me as an individual and understanding my needs. It is the most impactful of all the emotional drivers.

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