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CX Dashboards

April 5th, 2021

As we often learn on our CX courses, metrics, measurement and communicating results are key to achieving CX Excellence and leadership buy-in. If you’re thinking of implementing a CX dashboard to help you highlight key findings and insights – here are some to consider. Before you start you must understand clearly what you want to achieve by implementing a CX dashboard. Also, are you a B2B or B2C company – as this will effect your ultimate decision.

There are many CX dashboards that allow you to undertake and analyse Voice of the Customer surveys but you should be looking for deeper knowledge and more advanced tools that allow for dynamic data, integration, interpretation and sentiment analysis.

Remember that while data is important there are many, many influences on your results. There is no ‘magic pill’ that gives you crystal clear vision of your CX and all data must be interpreted correctly incorporating all current influences.

Your dashboard must:

  • Give snapshots and dynamic customer sentiment
  • Consolidate and integrate customer data from various different sources
  • Let you see and monitor trends over time
  • Give you the communications tools to raise CX awareness across your organisation
  • Be visually appealing

The following platforms are in no particular order but all are worthy of consideration. Getting a demo from each supplier below will get you a stage further in your understanding of dashboards and which one may be suitable for your organisation. we’d also love to hear you opinions and experiences.

The pioneers of online customer feedback, Survey Monkey, have a CX product called GetFeedback

The Athena dashboard from Medallia

Qualtrics have many CX and EX products including their XM Series that you can view here

You may not have heard of CX Index but they are definitely worthy of your consideration. Check out their platforms and integration possibilities.

Aimed at Frontline teams and managers Ask Nicely pops up again and again. Check them out here.

Cloud Cherry was bought by Cisco several years ago and is worth a look.

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