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Your Career – Your Course

July 14th, 2020

Please join us on Thursday July 30th 2020 at 2pm for a 40 minute free webinar to help you choose the right CX qualification for your career.

You’ll learn:
-How CX benefits your business
-What a CX qualification does for your career
-How our CX courses work
-Which course is the best for you

We’ll look at the Professional Certificate and the Professional Diploma and afterwards you’ll have a very clear idea which course is right for you!


The CXA Social Webinar Your Career Your Course


With all of our courses you will learn:

– A deep understanding of CX, the skills and tools required to create new strategies and drive improvement in existing strategies

– The confidence and knowledge to discuss and implement CX strategies with senior leadership at the highest level in your organisation

– A step by step guide to manage and embed a world class CX programme and build a culture of staff empowerment

– The expertise to advance your career and to speak the language of leadership


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