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CX Technology Dictionary – Augmented Reality, APIs & Apps


Augmented Reality or AR is the use of technology to combine real word images, video, etc. with computer-generated information and imagery. AR is becoming more popular in recent years. While it is commonly used in gaming and more recently training and education, it is becoming increasing popular in all industries. Companies can use AR to create an immersive and interactive customer experience.


An API or an Application Programming Interface is a way of communicating with a particular computer program or internet service. It is essentially a set of rules that defines how a software program can request and receive information from other software, usually a website.  A good example of how APIs are used in our phones every day would be weather apps. Many apps and websites publish weather in your area but there are only a few actual weather information providers. So, the publisher will use an API to ‘pull’ the raw weather data from a third-party and then display that data on their own website or app.


Application, also called apps are types of software designed to provide a particular function or purpose for a user or customer. People think apps are just programmes that work on phones and tablets but they’re also very common on your desktop or laptop. Apps include everything from web browsers, to word processors, to photo and image editing tools, to chat programs like Skype and Google Hangouts.

The Power of Caring

Shared emotions have bought companies and customers closer together during the corona virus.

Consumers sense of trust has been heightened and dictating which companies they deal with in the future.

Genuine care for staff, customers and community strengthen deep bonds.

Companies who are truly authentic and live their values matter more than ever. Those that stepped up during the crisis will be remembered forever. And those that didn’t, beware.

We will launch our new corona virus insight survey results in 6 weeks. Follow this series for further information.

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