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Setting The Global Standard
For Certified Customer
Experience Qualifications

Build your career in a new and exciting sector, and through our online courses earn a globally recognised CX qualification

Welcome to The CX Academy.

Setting The Global Standard For Certified Customer Experience Qualifications.

Build your career in a new and exciting sector, and through our online courses earn a globally recognised CX qualification

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Our Online Courses

Professional Diploma In
Customer Experience

Advance your career in CX with a globally-recognised, industry-approved, university credit-rated diploma in Customer Experience.

  • 40 hours of direct learning
  • 10 modules
  • Self-paced learning
  • Graded & mentored by CX Course Directors
  • Downloadable Toolkits, Templates and Resources
  • Best practice case studies
  • University Credit Rated
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August 2022
Starts 25th Aug

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Professional Certificate In
Customer Experience

Learn CX fundamentals and how to implement & deliver CX Excellence. Learn through video lectures, CX toolkits and best practice ‘real world’ studies.

  • 12 hours of online learning
  • 6 Modules
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Student Support
  • Downloadable Toolkits, Templates & Resources
  • Best practice case studies
  • Certification Awarded
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Summer Sale

August 2022
Starts 26th Aug

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We work with CX industry leaders from the world’s largest and most influential brands, to ensure that our online courses deliver the skills, knowledge and industry needs that are required by CX professionals throughout the world.

Professional Diploma in Customer Experience

credit-rated by

The CX Academy Masterclass Series

Technology for the CX Professional – Platforms, Pitfalls & Data

13th May, 2.00pm (Irish Time) 

This masterclass, brought to you by David Heneghan CEO of CX Index,
will discuss the different types of technologies that are used to support the delivery of Customer Experience. We’ll provide insights into the common pitfalls and how you can overcome them, also discussing the importance of balancing technology with the human touch.

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David Heneghan CEO

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UPDATE: Due to the current demand from learners working from home we can now start your course immediately or at any time that suits you. Please ask us


What Graduates Are Saying

Three UK logo

Senior Manager, Three

“This certification has been great, I really enjoyed it.

I’ve worked in CX for a number of years now but this has helped put structure and consistency behind our thinking and plans.”


Waitrose Logo

Partner & Manager Customer Care, Waitrose & Partners

“I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the CX Diploma course. It was easy to follow and I particularly enjoyed the videos in short, digestible nuggets. It was a great mix of online videos, assignments and multiple choice exams to check my understanding of the topics.

The course benefits both my current role managing a busy and growing contact centre but also will benefit my future career prospects as I feel well equipped to be able to adapt my learning to any future role.

Thank you CX Academy for such an engaging and informative course.”


Head of Project Delivery, FBD Insurance

“I can’t recommend this Diploma enough. With extremely engaging online coursework, the case study examples given were really interesting and brought the whole CX Framework to life! I would recommend the course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Customer Experience!”


Salesforce Logo

Solutions Engineer, Salesforce

“I’ve really enjoyed this course and I have been applying the learning whilst working with businesses to ensure CX is a top priority. The course has definitely caused a mindset shift for me, and I know it will be super helpful as I continue my journey as a Solution Engineer.”

british council

Head of Customer Experience Wider Europe, British Council

“I have had a great experience with The CX Academy during my Professional Diploma in Customer Experience course. The course provided me with different content, practices and tools in the CX area, and also helped me to structure knowledge I’ve gained previously. I really appreciated the immediate support I received during my course.”


imi e1605261455304

Customer Experience Manager, Irish Management

Completing this Diploma has really enhanced my knowledge of CX and my ability to implement key enhancements to our business. I know I will find myself going back to the assignments and key take-aways again and again as I implement elements learned on the programme. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the support I received was second to none. Thank you!


Head of Customer Experience, PhoneWatch

“I loved this course. If you are in a Customer Experience (CX) role or
have an objective of reducing customer churn and enhancing customer loyalty, then this is the course for you. The content is in-depth, relevant and delivers on all necessary requirements to succeed in delivering a world-class CX to your customers. It was a fantastic learning experience and I’ve put so much into practice already and our business is starting to see the benefits”


ing e1591956822164

ING Bank

“I really enjoyed the CX course, especially the examples given and the CX framework presented. Also liked how it was structured (in terms of the overall course and within each module) as it made it easier to follow and how the tools given can be applied anywhere.

  Overall, for me, it was really insightful, very applicable and completely worth it.”


Deloitte Logo

Customer Strategy & Applied Design Manager, Deloitte

“This is by far the best course I’ve taken since my university days. The depth, the quality, the hands on practical application, the format and the service were all absolutely brilliant.

All in all, this CX Diploma gave me new tools, new perspectives and most of all the knowledge, insight and confidence I needed to pursue my CX career.

It didn’t feel like a course as much as an exhilarating, intelligent and inspiring experience. I’m actually really sad it’s over!”


BT logo

Client Services Manager, BT Group

“I highly recommended the Certificate course for anyone and those who are customer-facing in particular.

The course content is easy to follow and reinforces the same wording and themes throughout, so it becomes the new way of thinking and working for everyone in the organisation.”


Campaign Manager, HTC CX Loyalty, UK

“I really enjoyed the course. The bite-size videos were really beneficial as I have a young son so I could easily juggle my studying with entertaining him too.

The assignments were also helpful as applying theory to practice is a much better way to learn skills thoroughly.

I’m progressing in a different direction in my current role so the skills I’ve learnt from the course will be so valuable to our clients.”



Project Manager in Marketing Communications, Unichem, Slovenia

“I must tell you that I have managed to make the CX project in my company a strategic priority for the next 5 years.

There is still a long way to go, but I couldn’t have managed to do it, if I had not enrolled in your course.

It is really systematic and covers all the aspects necessary to succeed. So, I am most grateful and also very proud to be part of it :)”

T H March

Project Manager, TH March

“I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to complete the course, which anyone will fly through thanks to the format of short videos with engaging content and speakers making it very enjoyable.

It has such a practical, hands-on approach and I would thoroughly recommend it when trying to focus on CX formally for the first time. 

I will be using what I have learned to transition in to a new role at the company shortly, heading up a new CX division – so I can confidently say the CX Academy has not only benefited the company in terms of enriching our knowledge but has also led to my own personal career growth. Thank you!”



Customer Success Specialist, USA

“The CX Academy’s Professional Certificate in customer experience is a wonderful introductory course to get you acquainted with the world of customer experience.

I found the course engaging, enriching and perfectly centered around me and my needs.

I learned about the fundamentals of CX as well as how to implement it at my place of work. I found the instructors, concepts and outside reading to be immensely
helpful during my work on the course.

I would recommend The CX Academy’s courses to anyone looking to boost their knowledge of customer experience in a consumer driven world.”

Carr Golf CMYK new horizontal 1

CEO Carr Golf

“I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand their customers better, differentiate their own company and further their own career in the process.”


Permanent TSB


All I can say it is a great course. The content is very in depth and informative. I had no issues understanding concepts or definitions. As someone that likes to make my own notes with assignments I found it unnecessary as the end of module key notes and learning was already at such a high level.

aptean 1

Director of North American Sales, Respond 

“We found a complete learning experience at The CX Academy.

CX is proven to help companies grow their business and now I know why!

An investment that will pay dividends for years to come.”

ilh masterLogo 1

Corporate Manager, Irish Life Health

“One of the best courses I’ve ever had the pleasure of completing!

I feel like it was designed specifically for me, and I literally cannot wait to begin the content of the next session!”

Access HQ logo 1

CEO Access HQ, Sydney, Australia

“This course is well structured, engaging and paced well to allow for our busy working lives.

It’s the first course of its kind that I’ve come across and it fills a much needed gap in the market.”


Head of Service Delivery BT (British Telecom)

“I have really enjoyed the Diploma course, very relevant to what I do within my role and provides an excellent framework that I hope to be able to adopt within my organisation.

It has provided me with the insight, skills & tools I need that will complete my passion for customers and allow me to consistently deliver CX Excellence.”

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